Johnnie Floyd: The Man Behind the Design







     Born and raised in Charlotte, North Carolina, artist Johnnie Floyd knew as a youth that working with his hands would become a lifelong pursuit.  His cultivated talent was eventually rewarded with a scholarship to the prestigious Columbus College of Art and Design in Columbus, Ohio, one of the premier art institutions in the country; and it was here that Johnnie was able to bring his two greatest passions, design and fabrication, together in the field of Industrial Design. 


     Floyd returned to his childhood home to apply his artistic and mechanical abilities to the cause of another passion: auto racing.  For the last 15 years Johnnie has been honing his skills in this area.  Johnnie lives on Lake Norman with his family in the great state of North Carolina.



Johnnie’s favorite quote comes from an unknown author,


     “To truly live a creative life, we must first lose our fear of being wrong.”


We Believe

The Steel Appeal…….  We believe in your reflection.  We believe that we sell products that your children’s, children, children will some day enjoy.  We believe there is more to life than work.  We believe in loving what we do, and doing what we love.  We believe a picture is worth a thousand words.  We believe that without each other we don’t have anything.  We believe that our world belongs to the future.  We know how it is to have someone that makes you realize what is important in life.  We are optimistic about the seeds we plant.  We live to learn and explore.  We understand that life doesn’t always go as planned.  We have short term goals and long term goals and not all of them have to do with money.  We love to see a person smile.  We believe that consumers are now becoming customers.  We believe that good business is about good partnership.  We are constantly striving for more meaning in our lives and so far so good.  We believe the calculation of risk should be made by the person that is taking the risk.  We believe that the size of a business should not dictate the amount of success one perceives it having.  We believe that you are going to love your purchase from The Steel Appeal.




A Note Re: Steel Recycling

The #1 recycled material in North America is not paper, plastic, aluminum, or glass. Over the past 50 years the steel industry has produced approximately 50% of its new products from reclaimed/recycled materials.  The process has gotten so efficient that steel re-cycling is now greater than all the materials mentioned above COMBINED! 

Half of what is shown below was at one time something else!



Jason M. Milks: The Motivated Entrepreneur


He had a lot of good times growing up in Buffalo, NY.  Taking his college career seriously he received a degree in Business with a focus on Marketing.  Deciding to leave his hockey and skiing life behind he move to Charlotte, NC and with some luck, and a willingness to work he landed a job with a race team.  While there for nearly 10 years he worked his way up the corporate ladder.