Display Cases

One thing that we like to see is a piece of history that is displayed worthy of its significance and character.  Museums typically do a great job of this and rightfully so, that is one of their main purposes. 

When presented with a project such as creating a Display Case for a Richard Petty driving uniform we realize the piece is no longer about what we create and more about what we are creating it for.  With that being said we feel that our job is to create a way of displaying that is worthy of what we are displaying.

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The Horseshoe


Without a doubt, the most commonly encountered Lucky Charm

throughout time and throughout the world is …..The Horseshoe.



The Power of The Horseshoe has been recognized since before the Birth of Christ.  We know that Horseshoes were actually used by the Greeks as early as the 4th century B.C.  Horses were believed to be one of the most sacred of animals and have always been associated with Strength and Dependability.



One will most commonly see a Horseshoe hung over a doorway or sometimes hung over beds to ward off nightmares.  Fishermen nail Horseshoes to the masts of their boats to ensure lucky catches.  The Greeks and Romans nailed Horseshoes to their walls to protect them from plagues.  The Horseshoe is also said to Protect one’s house and land and to keep strangers away. 0808-4029-resized.jpg


The Steel Appeal would like to send you a Horseshoe that will bring You Good Luck, Protect You from harm, and Provide You with Strength and Dependability.  

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Art Displays


Johnnie has a saying he uses a lot….”let’s take it to the next level”.


       Display 2

You will notice how Johnnie takes the task of hanging a picture to the next level.  We can do the same for your Artwork. 

     We are currently working to expand our Display options to include Sports Uniforms, Guitars, and other Memorabilia Display Cases.  If you have any of the above items, we would be happy to help create a piece that will not only display your items but also preserve them.

All of these concepts and more are available to you through….. The Steel Appeal.

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The Mask Series

mask-series-baseball-catcher-web.jpg mask-series-dirt-bike-helmet-web.jpg


Johnnie Floyd produced the Mask Series over the course of a few months in 2005.  It was at this point that Johnnie took some people’s thoughts from, “Johnnie can build Great Furniture” to “Johnnie is a Great Artist”.  Art is truly Johnnie’s passion, this is the part of The Steel Appeal that he can truly express himself creatively. 

     The Mask Series consisted of a Baseball Catcher’s Mask, a Football Helmet, a Dirt Bike Helmet, a Motor Racing Helmet, and a Hockey Goalie Mask.  Actual helmets were used in the Art and Copper made an appearance in the Series to really give it a contrast in color. 

     The Mask Series was very successful and there are two pieces of this Series that have not been sold.  The Catcher Mask and The Dirt Bike Helmet are currently back up for sale at $1000 each.  You can be one of a select few to own a piece of Art from this Series.


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The Recycled Steel Drops Series

     Johnnie Floyd produced another series of Art called The Recycled Steel Drop Series.  The Steel that centers the pieces of Art are from a Laser Cutting Company that would otherwise deem this material as scrap.  Johnnie had a better idea….The Recycled Steel Drop Series.


recycled-steel-drop-series-002.jpg recycled-steel-drop-series-003.jpg


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