The Steel Appeal was recently featured on The Consumer Experience Blog 


     We were thrilled to have the opportunity to do an interview for this blog about the way we market 080109-the-steel-appeal-photo-shoot-003.jpg our business.  We had the opportunity to talk about manufacturing transparency as well as a subject that is at the forefront of our focus….. Quality! 


     As you read the article, you will notice that we have embarked on a new adventure….  we are now utilizing reclaimed wood from houses that are more than 100 years old.  These houses have reached the end of their lifespan, but the material used to build them is still very good and will now live on as part of quality products from The Steel Appeal…. which could very well last for another 100 years! 


     Please take a look at our Furniture section to learn more about what we are now doing with reclaimed wood.  We are very happy with what is coming out of this new adventure…… Quality Furniture, Reclaiming Material, and being able to offer pieces of furniture that have a Great Story and lots of Character.


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